Davidson Art Camp

Davidson Art Camp was created by two teachers, who after becoming new moms, gained a new outlook on education. Together we are optimists, go-getters and concerned citizens who share a desire to escape the boundaries of the classroom. As friends and as mothers, we hope for our own children's future, and strive to make the world a better place, one camp at a time. Our mission is to provide high quality, curriculum-based camps that are responsive to the needs of the children in our community. Through multi-faceted art projects, it is our goal to educate and intrinsically motivate children to nurture, appreciate and respect human diversity and their environment. As our camps evolve, our values stay the same: to teach and inspire children in ways that promote personal growth and address the needs of their community. What more can we say? We love what we do. - Jennifer & Kristin

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fashion Canvas

Writing, reading, sketching, designing and creating is only part of the fun preparing for summer fashion camp. We are fashiongazing and daydreaming ideas to make this years camp the very best. So what is our fashion canvas? Well it has started with reading:
We are adoring: Designers creating lots of statement jewelry: huge, colorful and unusual pieces that will be remembered, those which stand out rather than just compliment outfits. Over sized and outrageous:)

Finally, and most importantly,quoting:"Since everything is in our heads, we had better not lose them.”-Coco Chanel

fashionably yours!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Real People Fashion

People often ask us where we come up with all of our ideas.

Well, fellow fashionistas, Fashion Camp 2011 started the minute our fashion show ended in August 2010.

Trips to NYC researching the trendiest ideas, countless hours reading and clipping fashion magazines, religiously following fashion bloggers, and hours of tweaking and recreating looks we are inspired by.

Currently we are in love with the eclectic styles of mariankihogo.com, the impeccible taste of the color-collective.blogspot.com, and the incredible do it yourself play by plays from psimadethis.com.

We bet you, like us, have spent hours clicking from site to site.

The point is, with all respect to our fashion designer 'peeps', there's a whole different thing happening on the Web. Real people designing. They are, in affect, part of the natural evolution of the fashion world.

And now, drumroll, please...... we are officially bringing you our version of real people fashion, hip ideas, and up to the minute sneak peaks of Fashion Camp 2011 in progress via our blog.

We hope this is a place for you to be inspired... because we believe style is a state of mind.

{Jen & Kristin}

Please Excuse this Virtual Spring Runway Interruption

for a very important message. {Just in case you missed it the first time we posted!}

Monday, January 10, 2011

A great and warm family activity...Visit The Mint Museum of Charlotte.

Haute couture refers to one-of-a-kind, custom-made and fitted garments. Custom designs of total ensembles dates back Paris in the mid-nineteenth century.


The Heights of Fashion: Platform Shoes Then and Now

The Art of Affluence: Haute Couture and Luxury Fashions 1947-2007

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